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Gumball Clown Creepie #178

Gumball Clown Creepie #178

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Meet the Gumball Clown Creepie


What was once an ordinary little doll, is now a killer clown nightmare. Meet the Gumball Clown Creepie. It’s head has mutated into a grotesque & rusty gumball machine. There are mini gumballs in there too that move around when you shake it. This is an original Royally Creepy Creations design.

Creepies are unnamed and will arrive with a blank adoption certificate so you can choose a name for them!

This Creepie is so young that it doesn't have a backstory yet.  Upon adoption, it will be accompanied with an adoption certificate and a fill-in-the-blank creepy story to get you started!  This Creepie needs a loving home that will raise it to be the best creep it can be!  Creepies make awesome gifts too! They love parties and of course, cake!  Adopt one today! They’re dying to meet you.


    • This is a small doll that measures approximately 9" in length and 4" width (sometimes measurements slightly vary)

    • No stand is included & photo props are not included.

    • The base material is porcelain with a soft cloth torso. This is a doll that was re-designed and hand crafted into something new by Royally Creepy Creations.  This is a one of a kind creation that you can’t get anywhere else.  This is intended to be a creepy art piece.  Any distressing, cracking, discoloring, etc. are considered intentional and add character and originality to to the art piece. 

    • DISCLAIMER: Liquid Latex has been used in the creation process.  Please avoid purchasing for yourself if you have a latex allergy.  This creation is for display purposes only. This is NOT a toy. There may be small parts that could be a choking hazard if they were to come loose. Please keep creation out of reach of all children and all pets. Please use this creation responsibly. 

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