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In the forgotten depths of an abandoned orphanage, there dwelled a porcelain doll named Bree, her once delicate features marred by a gaping wound that seemed to weep blood and a haunting gaze that pierced through the darkness. Adorned in a dress stitched with patches of decaying flesh, she carried a bloody skull on a stick, her macabre toy of choice. Bree's favorite pastime was whispering chilling lullabies to the shadows, her voice a melody of madness that echoed through the desolate halls, captivating any unfortunate soul who dared to listen.

    • Bree is in a sitting position at approximately 11" tall and 10" wide. 15" long when laying down, feet to head.

    • Creep orders are wrapped in our signature packaging and includes an adoption certificate with backstory. 

    • This is a porcelain doll that was upcycled, re-designed and hand crafted into something unique by Royally Creepy Creations. This is a one of a kind creation that you can’t get anywhere else. This is intended to be a creepy art piece.  Any distressing, cracking, discoloring, etc. are considered intentional and add character and originality to to the art piece. 

    • DISCLAIMER: Liquid Latex has been used in the creation process. Please avoid purchasing for yourself if you have a latex allergy. This creation is for display purposes only. This is NOT a toy. There may be small parts that could be a choking hazard if they were to come loose. Please keep creation out of reach of all children and all pets. Please use this creation responsibly. 

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