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💚Circa 2020💚

Kora was a beautiful dancer in ancient times. Her expressive ballet was vastly admired throughout the land. She had a friend, Sylas, who was very fond of her. One day, Kora agreed to go on a hike with him. Atop a hill, overlooking the sunset kissed landscape, Sylas mustered up the courage to ask for Kora’s hand in marriage. We don’t know what exactly happened, but according to Sylas, Kora was so taken aback by the proposal, she stumbled, lost her balance and tumbled off the cliff to her death. .
Kora, being a cherished member of her devastated community, was mummified and laid to rest in a tomb. Sylas couldn’t spend another moment without Kora’s presence. Late one night, he broke into Kora’s resting place and took her body. He dragged her body across the dirt, heading to the last place they were together, the hilltop. The moon was full this night and he used it’s light to guide his way. Sylas arrived to the hilltop with Kora in tow. .
He was unaware there was something hungry lurking in the shadows. In the dark, crouched an abomination that used to be a young girl named Moon. But you see, tonight she wasn’t a young girl anymore. She was a vicious werewolf that didn’t go through a painful transformation for nothing. It was time to feast. She burst from the shadows and charged at Sylas. Sylas let out an earth shattering scream as he dropped Kora’s body and stumbled back. He must’ve stepped back a little too far because next thing he knew, there was no ground beneath him. He tumbled off the cliff to his death. Moon didn’t miss a beat as she tore into Kora’s lifeless but still ripe flesh. “You get what you get and you don’t get upset”, she thought absentmindedly as she chomped on Kora's bloody heart.

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