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💚Circa 2020💚

Meet Milly. Milly is a character in a Royally Creepy fairy tale. 🏰 Once upon a time, there was a Queen who lived in a castle. Everyone loved this kind, intelligent and beautiful Queen. Everyone except Milly. Milly was a maid in the Queen’s castle and she secretly despised the queen. She hated how everyone worshipped the Queen. Milly thought that she herself was much prettier & smarter. She craved attention and she wanted everyone to worship her instead. Milly was jealous of the life that the Queen had because frankly, she thought she deserved it more. One night, Milly snuck into the Queens bedroom and smothered her in her sleep, killing her. She did this so she could steal the Queen’s crown and try to takeover her throne. Milly was unaware that the crown was magical. You see, whoever wore the crown would be exposed for who they really were on the inside. Consequently, Milly is now wearing her true self on the outside. If you can stand the sight of her, she is looking for a new home, because the kingdom no longer wants her...



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